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los angeles wedding videographers taking pictures

Highschool sweethearts + business partners.

In 2019 Levi came to me with a dream of starting a videography business. He had been practicing video for about a year at this point.  I was immediately on board, under 1 condition: I could be a part of it too. I have always considered myself a creative, and had been doing photography on + off  since graduating highschool. After booking our first wedding, I think we both knew that video was going to be our thing! Building this business together has been so cool. Being together for over a decade makes working alongside one another so much fun! We love getting to travel and having new experiences we can share. 


karhlee zambos | Los Angeles wedding videographer

Q: What's your ideal date night?

A: I actually prefer day dates! My fave is when Levi says "Let's go see a movie" in the middle of the day. We get popcorn + snacks, obvi. & then maybe we pop in Goodwill

or one of our fave local stores like Full Circle.

Q: Song that instantly puts you in a good mood?

A: Dayglow - Close to You

Q: Tudors Biscuit order?

A: Dottie w/ a side of fried apples


Q: What's your ideal date night?

A: I'm a homebody, so if it were up to me we would stay in, order some pizza, and rewatch a funny show we've seen a million times.

Q: Song that instantly puts you in a good mood?

A: The Cure - Boys Don’t Cry

Q: Tudors Biscuit order?

A: Just a biscuit with grape jelly... I'm definitely stealing some of Karl's fried apples though!

Levi Pennington | Los Angeles wedding videographer
Film Strip
Sunday | Standard Poodle


Sunday | Standard Poodle

meet Sunday!
our goofy, fluffy, standard poodle.

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